That is SO wrong! Yes, you DO want to tell your visitors why they should provide you with their name and their email address. We all know that the money is in the list.I. is an acronym for Keep It Simple Stupid. When we hear talk about the K.S.S. You want the page to load fast.S. Landing Pages: When you build a landing page for an affiliate product, you especially want to keep it simple. Use bullet points; remember to K.S.I. I have seen opt-in pages that are two feet long with no opt-in box visible until I have scrolled and scrolled and scrolled. Remember that there are a great many customers out there that use dial up connections, and while a page may load quickly with a cable or satellite connection, it will not load quickly with a dial-up connection.S.S.

The simpler, smoother and cleaner you can keep these pages, the better off you are. If you are trying to promote more than one product per landing page, that is China Coaxial Connectors Suppliers a big mistake. you landing pages! Opt-In Pages: Opt-in pages, like landing pages always need to be KISSed. People are impatient! They arent going to sit there and twiddle their thumbs while a page with a dozen pictures on it loads.S. RG58 Manufacturers .S.I.S. There are thousands of words before I get to the place to sign up. The KISS principle particularly applies to landing and opt-in pages. principle of affiliate marketing, we arent talking about something that is warm and fuzzy, it's much better than that.I.K. You dont need more than ONE picture of the product that you are promoting.

The reason that you want only one picture on your landing page is simple.S. One product + one landing page! Just like one PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign should only promote one product, a landing page should only apply to one product.There is a well-known abbreviation in the world of Affiliate Marketing, it's called K. K. So remember. But you also need to give them sufficient reasons to opt-in succinctlyin as few words as possible.I.; and maybe you will get that warm and fuzzy feeling from your marketing efforts.